Stokes Elite Series Women's Jumpsuit

Stokes Elite Series Women's Jumpsuit


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The world's first specific built jumpsuit

  • Superior fit, flexibility and new innovations make the Stokes Elite the ultimate high performance jumpsuit

  • Flex panels

  • Leg seals

  • Stokes pattern around the hip, not just for appearance, but also to prevent armsling slippage.

An Aerodynamic back hump smoothing out the airflow and also reducing necking injuries. Super light, 4-way stretch neoprene offers unrestricted mobility making this suit the one to have.

The hump has been implemented onto the suit for better safety from whiplash, protection of upper spine and helmet bucketing. We believe in the hump and its benefits.

  • Why the protective back hump?

    The hump is not a gimmick.

    We have tested the hump for over three years to find the exact shape needed to offer aerodynamic flow and also some greater protection for the upper back.

    The hump is made from an impact tested foam designed to spread pressure away from the upper back and neck.

    In almost all other high impact sports you see the back and neck getting a lot of protection. Water ski Jump suits have for years been missing more protection in vital areas.

    The hump was an idea Ray envisioned to provide greater support in a sensitive area.

    Anyone who knew Ray Stokes, realized that he ‘understood’ what a jumper needed. Coming from a sky diving, wing suit background Ray started to understand the importance of protective gear in such a potentially high impact sport.

    Over the years numerous skiers have complained of the helmet catching the water on rough landings. This creates the helmet bucketing effect and puts a lot of force on the upper neck.

    June Fladborg and Ray tested different forms, shapes and sizes. The hump you see on the suits now is what they were very happy with. Skiers who have taken falls, or landed funny have been very happy with how the hump either helps take the force away from the helmet, or protects the upper spine on hard crashes.