Stokes Elite Series Jumpsuit

Stokes Elite Series Jumpsuit


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The All-New Elite Series Jump Suit was designed in house by our team of pro jumpers.   Thomas Asher, Scot Ellis, Jacinta Carrol, and the Miranda brothers collated on what they like best in a suit and put forward ideas, ideas that have created this jumpsuit.   A combined 30+ years of jumping, meaning a butt load of knowledge went into this suit.  We all want a suit that’s comfortable, form-fitting but provides adequate protection when things don’t go to plan.  The Elite Series RS is designed to fly.


  • Superior fit, flexibility and new innovations make the Stokes Elite the ultimate high-performance jumpsuit

  • Flex panels

  • Leg seals

  • Stokes pattern around the hip, not just for appearance, but also to prevent arm sling slippage.

  • Super light, 4-way stretch neoprene offers unrestricted mobility.