Waterski Product Review: D3 Evo with Reflex Bindings

Updated: May 4, 2020

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Throughout the lock down we aim to provide you with the latest reviews to help you get the most out of a short season. First up is GB Team Skier Harvey, with an in-depth review on why he loves the D3 Evo with Reflex Hardshell Front Binding.

Since I started skiing I had used a Wiley binding setup (which I was always a fan of) and it was only in the last year I changed to the reflex (white cuff) binding system. I was pretty cautious at first about the change but it’s one I am glad I made, it’s very comfortable and it did not take long to adjust to the reflex and it felt the norm after just a few sets.

It gave me much better control over the ski (especially on my edge change) by reacting quicker and requiring less movement compared to the Wiley. A common concern is always about will it release, so I made sure I followed the reflex guidance when setting it up and can say that I have never had a problem to date and it releases whenever required yet I still feel safe and secure in the binding.

The reflex is a great system and I thoroughly recommend it if you are looking to run that extra shortening, it definitely helped improve the way I ski and the scores I am getting, it also has the added bonus of keeping your foot warmer in the winter!!

Prior to moving to a D3 Evo I had been skiing on a quest for a number of years so was very familiar with the D3 style. So when I first tried an Evo I was expecting more of the same, but from the very first set you could feel a difference, particularly the speed. Whilst it felt much faster than my quest it was really effective in decelerating off the second wake and into the buoy giving me the feeling of more time. It also has great acceleration and angle out of the buoy and felt like no matter how late I was, I would always be able to get to the next buoy.

My favourite feature of the D3 Evo though was its stability, it felt like I always had a good base under me through the wakes and in the turns and it was very rare I would blow the fin. It’s also a very smooth ski and felt consistent on both onside and offside turns. This has been one of my favourite skis and definitely one I made the most progression on.

To describe the Evo in three words, I would say it’s Stable, Consistent and Fast.

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